EAGLE Conseil

Eagle Conseil is born of the conviction that the recruitment must be practiced in the rules of the art, by consultants with more than 25 years of experience, personally managing their clients and their recruitments. Our commitment: requirement and responsibility, for our customers, for candidates, for us.

Eagle Council, HD recruitment:


We have the largest French database of executive candidates ... but the most talented professionals do not necessarily appear in databases, so our job is to identify them, to contact them, to convince them. The direct, human and meticulous approach is our specialty. It makes it possible to evaluate the skills as well as the know-how, to make sure that the candidates will know how to adhere to your project, and to validate your future key collaborators.

Our approach is based on our ability to listen and analyze all of your organizational and cultural specificities.

Our engagements :


Competence: senior employees, experienced and reliable, take care of recruitments

Availability: we meet all candidates in face-to-face interviews.

Confidentiality: our clients and candidates can count on our perfect discretion.

Validity: we systematically check the diplomas and professional references of candidates in short-list.

Exclusivity: We never hunt in corporate clients, and do not accept a recruitment mission for direct competitors of our customers.

The guarantee: We guarantee the success of your recruitment by contract, beyond taking office.