How to measure the performance of a recruitment consulting firm?

This question, the team EAGLE CONSEIL is asked regularly, because we are convinced that the performance in our business is based on a permanent analysis of the results obtained for our customers.

On which elements to base this analysis?

The number of missions conducted? The number of customers? Significant of the firm's commercial performance, these indices do not value the qualitative performance we are committing ourselves to.

How fast are the missions? Be careful not to fall into the over-promise, at the risk of going into the wall for a gain of time largely lost later ...

At EAGLE CONSEIL, we pay particular attention to a precise indicator: the length of time during which the recruited candidate will remain in his new position.

The analysis of our data shows an average duration of 5.44 years, for all the missions we have been conducting for 15 years.

For us, this observation owes nothing to chance!

It is the result of our approach, assessing as much the "business" expertise expected for the mission, as the suitability of the candidate's skills to the values ​​of the company, its ability to appropriate and carry the project that is entrusted, and evolve.

Our mission is not limited to the "placement" of candidates. In fact, in order to maximize full success in new functions, we carry out a post-integration follow-up, which allows the employer and his recruit to speak the same language, from the beginning of their collaboration. And we stay in regular contact with our candidates, developing together a privileged relationship of trust.

This data is fundamental to us because it illustrates both the added value expected by our customers, and the level of qualitative performance of our action: combining expertise, pathways, projects, for a shared development. Sustainably.