It becomes impossible to recruit. Really ?

The economy is recovering in color, and the job market is steadily picking up again, especially on the executive functions.

More than ever, it is up to recruitment consulting firms to adapt to market fluctuations.

The reason ? The "stop and go" effect: when it is sluggish, the market places companies in a strong position, because of the low volume of offers. When the activity starts again, the balance of power is reversed, and the market tends.

By zooming in on the executive and managerial functions, the figures confirm this trend, since the unemployment rate in the category currently stands at less than 3.5%.

This situation inevitably has operational repercussions, even though employers maintain the same requirements, in terms of deadlines and selection criteria, and the same budgetary constraints.

Highly sought after, the best candidates in active search often have several offers. For the headhunter, this situation requires to devote even more investigation time, to identify the desired profiles, and to convince the best of them to embark on this new challenge rather than another.

While it is our responsibility to implement all our know-how to finalize the mission, our role is also to alert our customers, in complete transparency, to the realities of the market. This in a relationship of trust, where we make sure to approach candidates with strong experience, culture and potential that will bring lasting value to the company.

Quality, precision, reliability, knowing the strengths of his client, knowing how to evaluate the candidate and value what will motivate him in his decision: these are the commitments that underlie our approach, and on which the teams of EAGLE CONSEIL can not compromise.