Executive recruitment: new records in sight

As the first semester ends, the trend is confirmed, month after month: the number of executive recruitments is expected to increase this year, exceeding the (already) historic score of 215,000 recruitments made in 2017.


Although it slowed down slightly at the beginning of the year, economic growth is the main factor of dynamism of the market, with business leaders having more visibility and confidence in the future, an essential lever in creating jobs. .


And the latest projections by APEC indicate that 2019 and 2020 could be another year of growth for the executive labor market.

A fundamental trend that is found in most economic sectors.

In terms of profiles, the professions of computer scientists, R & D engineers and sales representatives are among the most sought after, generating strong tensions in the market, and therefore recruiting difficulties that are also growing for companies.


More than ever, this situation requires companies to pay attention to their employer attractiveness, with proactive management of their talents, and the ability to anticipate their recruitment strategy in order to strengthen their teams.


At EAGLE CONSEIL, again this year, the months of July-August correspond to the opening of many missions, with a view to filling positions at the latest at the end of the year. Indeed, the summer is an interesting time to take the necessary step back, and to prepare the missions with all the meticulousness that we impose on ourselves: definition of the research strategy, determination of the targeting (sectors of activity, profiles sought, candidates) , retroplanning ... Because the control of the production cycles, in summer as during the rest of the year, is an integral part of our methodology, with the aim of providing foresight for our customers.


Whatever your program of the coming weeks: beach, mountain, countryside, or office, the whole EAGLE CONSEIL team wishes you a very nice summer!